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Web-based game World of Gladiators


World of Gladiators is a web-based game in a MMORPG genre. It had thousands of players that were playing against each other, forming clans, developing their characters, participating in organized combats, communicating with each other via chat, forms, and internal messaging system. There were special events organized on public holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Easter etc. Types of events varied – from gifts giveaway and special sales to lotteries and quests with huge prizes. The project represented engaging and entertaining experience for a large audience throughout many years.
I was an original developer of the game and maintained the project over the years as it was gaining popularity. My responsibilities were to coming up with ideas of game features, developing the game application’s backend and UI, supporting server architecture, supervising work of freelance designers and artists, and supporting users, resolving their issues and collecting feedback.

Tech Stack

The application is built on PHP 5, MySQL 5, HTML5, CSS2, jQuery, Sphinx Search, Node.js.


Text-based combat system

Chat with multiple locations (rooms)

Programmable Quest system

Character’s Inventory

Shops armour and weapons

Promo materials / Landing pages

User Management System (UMS)

Interactive sign in page


Knowledge base portal


Referral system

Payment Gateways Integration

Real-time trade system


Achievements system


Worked full-time with a small creative team in the office and managing contracts with freelance designers. The team in the office were responsive for game design, maintenance and small features enhancement, designers where making designs for main page, internal pages, landing and promo pages, armour and weapons art.

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