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React Dashboard App – Infomart


Infomart is an online media monitoring service, it pulls the content from facebook, twitter, linkedin, and other web sources such as news websites. Aggregated content is presented to users based on their interest in specific topics and keywords.

My role was to rewrite legacy application on modern technologies and to refine certain features along the way. The legacy application was written on Backbone.js + jQuery and PHP on the backend, the new application is implemented on React/Redux and Scala/Play.

The most complex part of the application was customizable Newsletter application which provided a way to create custom newsletter templates by using variety of available widgets, and schedule delivery of newsletters to a list of recipients.

Tech Stack

The application is built using React/Redux and Scala/Play.


Configurable Newsfeed

Newsletter template editor

User Management System

Responsible email templates

Analytics graphs using Chart.js

Internationalization (i18n)

TDD using Jest and Jasmine



Worked full-time in the team of 4 developers, using agile methodology (2 week sprints, daily standups, product demos by the end of sprint)

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