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Manulife Customer Portal v2


Manulife Customer Portal v2 is an application that is built for the enterprise client Manulife. It serves the purpose of a single point of entry to all company’s products, providing such capabilities as registration for online access, Single Sign-On (SSO) integration with other product applications, products verification, and ability to see product summary of all signed up for products on the Customer Portal’s Dashboard. Special requirements of the project was to keep the app product-agnostic and provide a very simple way to on-board new products (3rd-party apps). Additionally, the project is built compliant with AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disibilities Act) specification which establishes accessibility requirement for web applications in Canada.

Tech Stack

The application is built using React/Redux, Bootstrap, and Node.js.


Single Page Application (SPA)



Advanced Forms with client-side validation

Multi-step registration

Single Sign-On



I worked in a distributed team of several developers to deliver features in Agile manner (2-week sprints, daily standups). All communication happened over Slack, Skype, and on-site meetings.

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