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Manulife Securities Dashboard

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Overview Manulife Securities Dashboard is an application that was built for the enterprise client Manulife. It represents the Manulife Securities product application that allows members to access their accounts, assets, transaction history, and portfolio summary. Additionally, the project is compliant with AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disibilities Act) specification which establishes accessibility requirement for web …

Manulife Customer Portal v2

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Overview Manulife Customer Portal v2 is an application that is built for the enterprise client Manulife. It serves the purpose of a single point of entry to all company’s products, providing such capabilities as registration for online access, Single Sign-On (SSO) integration with other product applications, products verification, and ability to see product summary of …

ParkBench Realtor Dashboard

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Overview Parkbench website is a source of local news and catalog of local businesses and events. The requirement for the project was to take existing website as an example and to building a new project from scratch using modern technologies and new design. Aside from user-facing part of the website, there is a backend system that …


React Dashboard App – Infomart

Posted on: September 15, 2016/  Posted by:  /  No Comments
Overview Infomart is an online media monitoring service, it pulls the content from facebook, twitter, linkedin, and other web sources such as news websites. Aggregated content is presented to users based on their interest in specific topics and keywords. My role was to rewrite legacy application on modern technologies and to refine certain features along the way. …

Marketing Automation Platform

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Overview This project represents an internal tools for a marketing department that allows users to schedule automated tasks such as making a post on facebook from a prepared list of content. Additionally, the app supports multiple accounts and chains of actions where in addition to posting you can also like, repost using different accounts.