George Borunov

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About me

Software Developer & Consultant who developed and launched dozens of projects.

Setting goals and making plans to achieve them is what I can’t stop doing


Focusing on a single problem until it’s resolved to a satisfaction is my normal attitude


Breaking down challenging problems onto small achievable steps is my secret

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George Borunov


Toronto, Canada


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My Professional skills

Web Development

I’ve been developing web application since 2002 (over 15 years now), regular websites, complex front-end applications, e-commerce platforms, web games, actually I’ve built a lot of game apps with rich visual content on the client side and high loaded back-end operations.

Development lead

I led and supervised developers in many places where I’ve worked, that involved conducting code reviews, help with architecture and design of software, communicating with project managers, splitting up work, and tracking performance.

Project management

I managed small teams of up to 7 people, consisted of developers, designers and content creators to build and maintain web projects, including several large game applications.